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Along with developing its own proprietary series, GQB is also focused on building a community of sub-creators, visual artists, and storytellers in the realms of fantasy, the backdrop of history, and select genres of science fiction (although not necessarily all these in one place). We welcome new creatives committed to the vocation of story, as well as those who have already established their brand.

Each story — regardless of its method of being delivered to its audience — is a part of the library that GQB promotes to its readers and bookshops. For those creatives who bring their original stories to us to be part of this growing library, they maintain complete control of their properties at all times, while GQB receives the privilege of their permission to publish their work under our banner.

Rev. Christopher Thoma

Rev Christopher Thoma explores the depths of worship and its relevance in the lives of children while offering insights which encourage teachers of children to celebrate ancient rites and ceremonies as time-tested tools for building faith.

Rev. Tyrel Bramwell

Tyrel Bramwell is a pastor and author of the Lumen Legends series published by Grail Quest Books. The first novel, The Gift and the Defender, was published in 2016.

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