My Little ABC Liturgy Book

Written by Rev. Gaven M. Mize, Illustrated by Ryan Porter, and Published by Grail Quest Books, "My Little ABC Liturgy Book" is just what parents need to start catechizing their children from the youngest age possible.

"Pastor Mize and Mr. Porter have given the Lord's dear children a gift - which is in turn a vehicle to the gift of the liturgy, in which we receive Word and Sacrament, communion with the Most Holy Trinity, forgiveness, life, and salvation in Christ Jesus our Lord." - Rev. Larry Beane

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Beauty and Catechesis

Beauty and Catechesis weaves together Luther's Small Catechism, fantastic works of art from history,  devotions, and collect prayers that tie it all together. This book also offers the Litany and collect prayers for the family to use together as they work through the foundations of the faith and prayer. This book is a 'must have" for the family who desires to learn along with your familial catechumens! 

"Beauty and Catechesis combines a judicious use of classical art, succinct meditations, and short prayers once again demonstrating how Luther’s Small Catechism is a multi-faceted book of doctrine, prayer, and life. Too often, the Catechism is considered only as an elementary and basic introduction to Christian doctrine, easily mastered only to be set aside for books and manuals that allegedly go deeper into the Bible and hold out a more contemporary approach to Christian life. Pastor Gaven Mize demonstrates the contrary. The Catechism in its simplicity embraces not only the depth of the Christian faith, but also its beauty.
             This little book by Pastor Gaven Mize invites you to meditate on the riches stored in the Small Catechism. It is a meditation that involves the mind, heart, and eye as readers are drawn into the simple beauty embedded in Luther’s confession of the biblical faith. This book like the Catechism itself is not for a quick, one-time reading, but promises to be an ongoing companion for spiritual refreshment and edification."

  -Prof. John T. Pless  Concordia Theological Seminary  Fort Wayne, Indiana.     

From Mr.Edward Riojas, Respected LCMS Artist/Art Historian

“The Rev. Gaven M. Mize is about to show us what Rembrandt has to do with the First Commandment.In a throwback to the days when our visual appetites were sated alongside our need to read, “Beauty and Catechesis” comes as a refreshing addition to the bookshelf. And what could be a better pairing than Luther’s Small Catechism and works of art by the masters?Rembrandt’s “Daniel and Cyrus Before the Idol Bel” compliments Luther’s explanation of the First Commandment and the author’s expounding on the same. Works by Rubens, Ingres, Masaccio, Bosch, El Greco, da Vinci, and a host of others are also featured, spanning stylistic periods, artistic media, and individual notoriety. But “Beauty and Catechesis” isn’t just another pretty book.Mize deftly weaves the Catechism into devotion into art lesson. Without explaining beauty or beating to death a philosophical definition of the same that is bound to get ugly, he simply shows beauty through fantastic examples of master works and through the greater beauty of Holy Scripture.For visual learners, this little book will help instill the words of Luther’s Small Catechism, and breathe meaning into both Luther’s explanations and the featured artwork. “Beauty and Catechesis” is not a book to be memorized, but a book to which the reader will want to return and explore.”

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God Loves Me Such That He Would Give

From the moment the Mize family found out that they were going to have a child Pastor Mize put pen to paper and with the help of his wonderful wife, Ashlee, This book began to come together. The Mizes wanted a way to teach the faith to their son and the children of the Lutheran Church and beyond. From the moment Ashlee became pregnant the Mize's began work with artist Edward Riojas to assemble a children's book that would last through the years and be passed down from child to child. With the wonderful editorial aid of Jessica Wood we believe we have achieved this dream of ours. It is the Mize family's hope that this book, which is bursting with orthodox Lutheran doctrine, beautiful poetry, and classically styled works of art, will enter your home and spark your young one with the desire and love for our Lord's Word and Sacraments. 



"There are beautiful children's Bibles out there and wonderful books explaining Bible stories. Still, if you want to be sure that your child knows the Gospel, Rev. Gaven Mize has prepared a book for you! God Loved the World So That He Gave has fantastic illustrations, and the text supplies multilayered lessons. First, it really gives the Good News. Second, it contains real Scripture in rhyming form. Third, it's vocabulary is richer than one might expect in a children's book, and I think it really demonstrates well the esteem and importance of the subject matter. The Gospel isn't juice that we can water down: it is the seed and nourishment of our eternal life--a life we happily share with our children!"
Deac. Mary J. Moerbe
Deaconess at the Cranach Institute

"Leafing through the same ten board books with a toddler can drive a parent a little batty, but reading God Loves Me Such That He Would Givewill never grow old. Biblical theology made accessible for the Church's littlest ones coupled with imagery that teaches the faith make God Loves Me Such a helpful tool for family devotions, quiet time or even for little children to look through during the offering or sermon. Filled with the truths of God's love, Jesus' death and resurrection, and the joyful freedom in which all Christians live, each page brings comfort to toddlers, parents, and grandparents alike!"

Adriane A Heins
Former Managing Editor of The Lutheran Witness


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Awake, You Who Sleep

Awake, You Who Sleep is an Advent work that can be used as a mid-week schedule for Pastors and/or a devotional for anyone. Each section of the book is based off of the Nativity Sermon of St. Augustine of Hippo and a particular hymn of the church. Each section comes complete with the Hymn Writer, Readings from Scripture, Collect Prayers, and a Sermon. It is the perfect gift or staple for you to return to year after year as Advent approaches and the season of repentance continues to the joyful day of Christmas!

Praise for Awake, You Who Sleep

"Rev. Gaven Mize has gathered up Advent Hymns, Preaching of St. Augustine, Scripture Readings, and packaged them up as your Advent go-bag. Pastor Mize pulls all these things together in his eloquent meditations. This book serves both Pastors and Laymen preparing for the birth of Christ.
-Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller

Author of "Has American Christianity Failed?"

"Rev. Mize has done it again! He has woven the stanzas of ancient hymns, the wisdom of St. Augustine, God's word in Psalm and Gospel, together into an ornate tapestry of Advent Joy!"

Rev. Jeffery Ries

Pastor of Zion Lutheran Church in Tacoma, WA

"A great tool that I plan to use in my personal meditation on God's Word this Advent season. The hymns, readings, prayers, and meditations provided for the season are right on point and perfect for the Church in both public and private settings."

-Rev. Tyrell Bramwell

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