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God Loves Me Such That He Would Give

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From the moment the Mize family found out that they were going to have a child Pastor Mize put pen to paper and with the help of his wonderful wife, Ashlee, This book began to come together. The Mizes wanted a way to teach the faith to their son and the children of the Lutheran Church and beyond. From the moment Ashlee became pregnant the Mize's began work with artist Edward Riojas to assemble a children's book that would last through the years and be passed down from child to child. With the wonderful editorial aid of Jessica Wood we believe we have achieved this dream of ours. It is the Mize family's hope that this book, which is bursting with orthodox Lutheran doctrine, beautiful poetry, and classically styled works of art, will enter your home and spark your young one with the desire and love for our Lord's Word and Sacraments. 

From Deac. Mary J. Moerbe Deaconess at the Cranach Institute

  "There are beautiful children's Bibles out there and wonderful books explaining Bible stories. Still, if you want to be sure that your child knows the Gospel, Rev. Gaven Mize has prepared a book for you! God Loved the World So That He Gave has fantastic illustrations, and the text supplies multilayered lessons. First, it really gives the Good News. Second, it contains real Scripture in rhyming form. Third, it's vocabulary is richer than one might expect in a children's book, and I think it really demonstrates well the esteem and importance of the subject matter. The Gospel isn't juice that we can water down: it is the seed and nourishment of our eternal life--a life we happily share with our children!" www.maryjmoerbe.com  

From Adriane A Heins, Former Managing Editor of The Lutheran Witness

  "Leafing through the same ten board books with a toddler can drive a parent a little batty, but reading God Loves Me Such That He Would Givewill never grow old. Biblical theology made accessible for the Church's littlest ones coupled with imagery that teaches the faith make God Loves Me Such a helpful tool for family devotions, quiet time or even for little children to look through during the offering or sermon. Filled with the truths of God's love, Jesus' death and resurrection, and the joyful freedom in which all Christians live, each page brings comfort to toddlers, parents, and grandparents alike!"  


 Coming soon to Amazon, Mize Family Books, Grail Quest Books, upon release of the book.  

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Pastor Gaven and Ashlee Mize

 Pastor Mize is honored to be the Pastor of Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hickory, North Carolina. He is the husband of Mrs. Ashlee Mize and the father of Oliver Augustine Mize.  Pastor Mize's Second Book, "Beauty and Catechesis" will be out SOON!

Beauty and Catechesis

Written by Rev. Gaven and Ashlee Mize, llustrated by Edward Riojas, edited by Jessica Wood and, and Published by Grail Quest Books, "God Loves Me Such" is the perfect book to introduce orthodox Lutheran doctrine to your children in poetic form and is set up perfectly to teach the Biblical Doctrine that is outlined in Martin Luther's Small Catechism! 

Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church

 Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church stands as a beacon of the promise of Christ on the hill in Hickory, North Carolina. We are steeped in traditional liturgy and love the Lutheran Confessions. We hold that God's inerrant Word is the true source of Law and Gospel and we preach Christ crucified for the forgiveness of sins. Sunday services being at 10:30AM.  

Proper Catechesis

There is no age limit on Catechesis!

Confirmation is NOT graduation. We constantly learn and grow in the faith given to us by Christ Himself.

Make sure you have the proper tools!

"As the head of the household should teach..." Luther wrote these words for the whole family to learn over an entire life time. 

Mize Family Books is dedicated to bringing you faithful catechetical material for ALL ages.

From Father to Mother to children to our Sunday school rooms we must make sure we are teaching rightly and faithfully. Mize Family Books will strive to produce these materials, so help us God!

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